There’s beach access for swimming, kayaking, and fishing. Enjoy the beauty of nature with abundant bird and marine life. Or take a leisurely stroll to the nearby boulders and let the night sky captivate you with its stellar display, perfect for a session of star gazing.

You might see the endemic hector dolphin in the bay and yellow-eyed penguins at the Katiki lighthouse (about 8 km away).

Moeraki Boulders

Up to 3.5 hours on either side of low tide a beautiful walk south along the beach will take you to the boulders (around 25 minutes one way). To drive there it's 1.5km south on the main road – at all times. 

Yellow-eyed penguin colony

One of the best spots in NZ to view the endangered yellow eyed penguins. Drive south to Moeraki Village. At the entrance to the village watch out for the sign 'to lighthouse road'. Follow the lighthouse road (good gravel road) to the lighthouse (8 km from the park). The best time to view them is around 1-2 hours before sunset. BEWARE they close at 5.30.

Hector dolphins

Might be spotted at any time of the day in the bay where the creek runs into the sea & close to shore.

Boat ramp 

Located in Moeraki, 5km from the park. Fee applies for casual use.


Plenty of blue cod is caught offshore with your own boat or a charter. 

Elephant fish and baby sharks can be caught surf casting in front of the camp or try 'fishing point' by the Moeraki lighthouse (beware of seals).

Fishing charters 

Ask at the office.


Occasionally you get some light swells for surfing on the beach.


Safe swimming beach just outside the park. 


Small children's playground, swings, seesaw and boulders are available by and on the beach.

Boulders Bar & Bistro 

Fantastic fish (Blue Cod) and chips!  A great spot for a beer and steak. Does great takeaways. A short walk up the road on the main road (250 m). 

Open daily.

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